Hotels and guest lodges, in particular, virtually stand оn their own when one looks at a business and crime-related risks.
Family Law
Family Law Practioners use CSI Investigative services to resolve various Domestic issues such as Dissolution of Marriage.
CSI Investigators can assist Civil Law practioners in such areas as violation of civil rights, criminal law and discrimination.
Probate Trust
The sudden death of a person can cause their assets or debt to be left unattended. While some people draw up a will before they pass.
Welfare Check
Thе bеѕt wау tо find out about the well being of a Family member or friend is through a service we provide called “Welfare Checks”.

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Welcome To CSI Private Investigator

CSI-Secure Solutions is a family-owned and operated business specializing in private investigations and consulting services. The founder Chris Cavallo has operated various companies in the South Florida Market and Latin America for the past 40 + years with headquarters in Ft Lauderdale Florida.
In the areas of private investigations, CSI-Secure Solutions provides such services as Litigation Support for Attorneys, Corporate Investigations ,Surveillance Operations, OSINT Research, Insurance Fraud in such areas as Workers Compensation Claims, Personal Injury ,Healthcare/Medical Fraud ,Witness location and interviews and Hidden Asset investigations!

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Corporate Investigations

According to a 2020 global survey of company fraud, it was discovered that 47% of the companies surveyed had dealt with a case of fraud in the past two years. This resulted in the companies losing roughly US $42B to this crime. Fraud cases, among other crimes within an organization, are a common occurrence that can cripple and destroy such an organization. It is the duty of a corporate investigation to help these companies uncover such crimes that are destroying their businesses.
What Is a Corporate Investigation?

A corporate investigation is the carrying out of a full analysis to uncover any wrong act (an) employee(s) or third party has committed in a corporation or an organization.

Private Investigations Attorney Services

CSI Secure Solutions researches and analysts have the ability to provide unparalleled comprehensive litigation support regardless of the type of case. Our attorney investigations team is able to develop comprehensive background dossiers for either side of the aisle. We have several investigators each with different areas of specialty’s that have the ability to support our attorneys and position them to “WIN CASES”! CSI Secure Solutions reputation is exemplary in the areas of locating witness’s, document statements, video interviews of subjects involved in the case, surveillance, or researching subjects in the deep web” CSI Secure Solutions will be your partner in any litigation that you need our assistance. Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION 1 (888) 896-0001 or

Insurance Fraud Investigator

With the on-going growth of insurance fraud claims in the US, the demand for experienced, qualified, and licensed Insurance Fraud Investigators is at an all-time high. Our clients are Anti-Fraud Investigation Units(AFIU), Special Investigation Units(SIU),Claims Adjusters, Risk Managers and Attorneys .CSI Secure Solutions has a team of highly experienced insurance fraud investigators who have helped resolve many cases where people or organizations try to benefit from deceitful claims. Some of these areas of claims are:
Auto Accident
Confidential Security & Investigation Services

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