Healthcare Investigations

Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Every year, close to 100,000 people lose their lives due to medical misdiagnosis or malpractice. One out of every three patients are susceptible to a medical error during their medical appointment. While it is never advisable to let go of a medical negligence case, proving this in court may be difficult. Thus, it becomes necessary to enlist the services of a private investigator to help you prove your case in court.

Why Clients Hire Healthcare Investigator

Take for example, as a person, you fell ill and went to the hospital to get a diagnosis for your illness. The doctor then tells you to run a couple of tests and the results presented to you are a diagnosis for lymphoma. Depressed but ready for the fight, you begin your chemotherapy treatment. Then you have to move neighborhood and during a routine checkup at the new hospital, it is discovered that you do not have one cancerous cell in your body. A second check-up at two other different hospitals confirms that you are cancer-free. While you are both stunned and relieved, your body is already weakened from the chemotherapy treatment. You want to file a lawsuit against the first hospital for erroneous diagnosis. Alas, this hospital has a team of legal experts that can disprove your claim.

In such situations like this, it becomes imperative to hire a private investigator for healthcare fraud investigations to help gather solid evidence, which will help in building a strong case to be proven in the court of law.

Lawsuits can drain a person financially as claimants are responsible for paying lawyer fees, court filing fees, among others. The cost of lawyer fees alone can leave a person financially handicapped. However, hiring a healthcare investigator to help get concrete evidence that will be more effective in winning a lawsuit is more affordable.

How Healthcare Investigators Work

Healthcare investigators will help the claimant to prove their case of medical malpractice by:

  • Investigating and providing evidence of medical practice by sourcing for surveillance footage, interviewing witnesses, reading through the claimant’s medical reports, among others. They also uncover the exact medical error that happened.
  • In the course of their investigation, healthcare investigators may also discover that there is insufficient or no evidence for medical malpractice and will report back to the client, thus, stopping their intention from pursuing a legal case.
  • In cases where the client has already hired his or her personal attorney and filed a case in court, the attorney may further enlist the services of a healthcare investigator to join their litigation team in helping to ensure a smoother lawsuit process.

How We Can Help You

At CSI Secure Solutions, our healthcare investigations include:

  • Solidifying accurate time of incidents
  • Sourcing for your medical reports from the accused hospital and interpreting the diagnosis
  • Collecting your past medical reports containing previous diagnosis and treatment
  • Sourcing for surveillance footage that shows evidence of the patient getting their diagnosis from the doctor
  • Investigating the healthcare worker or hospital’s history of medical error
  • Researching the medication prescribed by the doctor for the patient during their diagnosis and treatment
  • Working with a team of medical experts to help in interpreting the client’s diagnosis and treatment
  • Conducting interviews with witnesses that were privy to the event
  • Recording and documenting the statements of witnesses to serve as testimony in court
  • Working with attorneys and experts in legal matters to see if any laws were abused

Our Other Services

Private individuals are not the only ones who can enlist the services of a healthcare investigator, the owners of the hospital can also engage our healthcare investigator services to help:

  • Uncover medical malpractice by medical staff
  • Fraud and theft of medical equipment



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