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CSI Secure Solutions researches and analysts have the ability to provide unparalleled comprehensive litigation support regardless of the type of case. Our attorney investigations team is able to develop comprehensive background dossiers for either side of the aisle. We have several investigators each with different areas of specialty’s that have the ability to support our attorneys and position them to “WIN CASES”! CSI Secure Solutions reputation is exemplary in the areas of locating witness’s, document statements, video interviews of subjects involved in the case, surveillance, or researching subjects in the deep web” CSI Secure Solutions will be your partner in any litigation that you need our assistance. Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION 1 (888) 896-0001 or

Background Dossier Development
Computer Network & Mobile Forensics
Corporate Due Diligence
Cyber Crime Investigations
Executive Protection
Hidden Asset Discovery
Pre-Trial Investigation
Social Media Investigations
Security Consulting
Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures
Witness Location + Interview (Video)

Achieve a Complete Range Of Attorney Investigations from Our Company

Providing justice to the accused and the accuser is the primary function of the legal machinery. Even in the case of police investigations, the state or federal police do not have the power to dole out punishments; they have to move to court and prove the accusations.

The legal system allows the prosecution and defense sides to investigate and gather evidence in court. However, a legal counsel cannot go and perform the necessary duties to find evidence and do background checks. Herein, our experienced attorney investigations team at CSI Secure Solutions can be the best solution you need.

Extensive nationwide team

We are a well-known name in the attorney investigations sector of the market and are proficient in other inquiries. Our business is a subsidiary of a prominent, family-operated and owned establishment specializing in consulting services and private investigations. The owner/operator is experienced in working in foreign locations too. Apart from managing companies in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida and Bogota, Columbia, he has operated satellite operations on many continents.
We have nationwide services and a support team that provide investigative services in all parts of the USA. You name the area, and we will be there with our most proficient attorney private investigator.

Wide-ranging services

Our company offers a diverse range of attorney investigative services and other aspects of undercover projects. We have the most skilled and talented team of an investigator who can provide excellent service in the following sectors:

• Complex reconnaissance operations
• All-inclusive detailed investigations, including social media
• Penetration of the deep/dark web using OSINT methodology
• Insurance fraud – including worker’s benefits, personal damage, property loss, and healthcare-related scams.
• Corporate inquiries comprising of employee theft or fraud, violation of non-compete agreements, attorney investigations such as pre-trial litigation support (civil or criminal cases)
• Domestic investigations such as infidelity and child custody support
• Detection of witness/missing person
• Concealed asset unearthing
• Digital forensic or cyber-crime prevention like debugging offices, board rooms, or homes.

We are always prepared to start any investigations at a moment’s notice and anywhere in the USA. Moreover, each of our attorney private investigators is also equipped to run analyses on foreign soils.

Unparalleled legal assistance

In a court of law, the powers listen only to the evidence presented and the picture it gives. Moreover, in some countries, the legal machinery is prepared to let a hundred perpetrators go than pass any unjust verdict. The proof strengthens or weakens an attorney’s case in court – and the nature of these proofs is different in every case.

Our attorney investigative services department contains experienced and tenacious researchers and analysts who provide unparalleled litigation support irrespective of the case type they are investigating. They can offer a wide-ranging and influential background dossier on each legal participant. Our investigators have different specialty areas, and we deliver concerted services to support our client attorneys. Our efforts have won several cases and established justice for the victim parties.

Our company offers several services designed to help attorneys present their cases successfully with concrete evidence. Our attorney investigator team are proficient in the following area and more:

• Tracking and locating witnesses.
• Record and document statements.
• Surveillance of suspects.
• Finding and recording required information from the deep web or other hard-to-access places.
We are always ready to offer our assistance for any legal cases the client wants. Some other litigation-related fields where we work are listed:
• Background dossier development
• Social media investigations
• Pre-trial investigation
• Security consulting
• Computer network & mobile forensics
• Corporate attentiveness
• Cybercrime investigations
• Technical surveillance counter-measures
• Witness location + interview (video)
• Executive protection
• Hidden asset discovery
• Surveillance & counter surveillance

We have assisted in multiple case types and domestic and international locations.

Cost according to the jobs

Our practices as the most recommended attorney investigator present us with different problems to solve or diverse types of evidence to collect – but we never overcharge. Our charges depend on the service types the customer requests from our investigative attorney. We offer our litigation assistance in witness location detection, insurance fraud, surveillance, criminal or civil investigations, and more on hourly charges or assignment-based payments, depending on the project. However, when we agree, we make sure that the client understands the itemization and cost division.

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