Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance Fraud Investigations at CSI Secure Solutions

With the on-going growth of insurance fraud claims in the US, the demand for experienced, qualified, and licensed Insurance Fraud Investigators is at an all-time high. Our clients are Anti-Fraud Investigation Units(AFIU), Special Investigation Units(SIU),Claims Adjusters, Risk Managers and Attorneys .CSI Secure Solutions has a team of highly experienced insurance fraud investigators who have helped resolve many cases where people or organizations try to benefit from deceitful claims. Some of these areas of claims are:

CSI Secure Solutions is always there to help resolve these cases with our timely response and support documentation by providing only the best in class services protecting their clients from such fraudulent claims. Some of these services that we provide are:

  • *Comprehensive Background Investigations
  • *Consultative Services
  • *Research
  • *Surveillance (Video-Digital)
  • *Witness Interview/Statement/Testimonials(Recorded)

Because of our nationwide network of Investigators CSI Secure solution is able to provide coverage in the majority of regions throughout the country.

With growing instances of insurance fraud instances, the demand for experienced, qualified, and licensed Insurance Fraud Investigations providing professionals is at an all-time high. CSI Secure Solutions has a team of highly experienced insurance fraud investigators who have helped crack many cases where people or organizations try to benefit from deceitful claims. Trying to seek compensation on inflated or false claims is not only unethical but illegal and results in raising the insurance price for everyone. This type of fraud has spurred insurance companies to act with the utmost caution when settling claims. They hire our professionals for insurance fraud investigations in to check the veracity of the claim. The Financial Fraud Investigations help in unearthing false claims, thus helping others to safeguard their insurance privileges.

We at CSI Secure Solutions also provide with financial investigations services and check if people have made fraud insurance and financial claims in. Many times, it is seen that people try to make claims from someone else’s estate who they might have implicated in the accident. Using insurance fraud surveillance or financial investigations services can help in uncovering such devious schemes and save the costs and hassles of a long-drawn, complicated court case. It also helps to keep the cost of insurance down for others.

Our services are also sought by people who have been falsely implicated in an insurance or financial fraud case. They need highly professional and expert investigator’s help to clear their name. Our investigators do an excellent job of collecting relevant documents and evidence of the damage or injury. This helps strengthen the case and ensure that they get their insurance claim on time and get paid the full amount that is due to them.

Sometimes, withing insurance companies, some people are engaged in unethical and bad practices. In such a case, the person who has paid his premiums on time to the insurance company but is not getting sufficiently compensated can seek the help of an insurance fraud investigator and can avoid getting embroiled into court cases.

CSI Secure Solutions is always there to help you with our timely, professional, and quick services protecting you from such fraud cases.


The Financial Fraud Investigations and Other Services You Get from Us

People take insurance in case of sudden and severe misfortunes like accidents, death, or sickness, which require hospital admission. This arrangement is a good thing for people with continuous but mid-range income. However, instances of defrauding and trying to earn a quick buck are rampant on both sides.
There are reports of insurance companies using unethical means to cheat on their clients; on the other hand, customers sometimes try to fool the insurance companies to pull out easy money. In both cases, the victim must prove their point in a legal court with evidence. Our private investigator insurance fraud team at CSI Secure Solutions can offer you the best financial fraud investigations as required.

Experience in working worldwide

People usually hesitate before going to an insurance investigator if they are fresher or inexperienced – however, our company is far from it. Our owner / leading operator is an experienced player in this field and possesses an experience of over 40 years. He has been involved in active investigation and surveillance in the US, overseas soil, and other countries as a satellite operation.

He has a widespread and immense network of insurance fraud surveillance experts capable of working anywhere in the world. We are probably the only insurance claims investigator company in the country that can work anywhere without a problem. Once we agree, we unbiasedly work to find the real criminal behind the event.

Practiced in different claims

Insurance fraud claims are constantly growing, and the requirement for a practiced, capable, and accredited insurance investigator is wide-ranging. We serve several federal and private taskforce dedicated to insurance fraud surveillance, such as:

• Anti-fraud investigation unit (AFIU)
• Special investigators unit (SIU)
• Risk managers
• Attorneys
And several other clients.

CSI Secure Solutions has a highly qualified insurance claims investigator unit who have assisted in resolving numerous cases where the public or establishments have dried tried to benefit from deceptive statements. We work on every type of insurance surveillance and provide detailed efforts to conclude our cases:

• Auto Accident
• Financial protection plan
• Healthcare plan
• Property-casualty
• Workers payment
• Personal injury

Our private investigator insurance fraud teams are well-versed in the financial and insurance laws of the country and the parameters on which the local governance acts.

Extensive investigation for inflated claims

Many individuals have tried to take advantage of insurance companies by seeking compensation for false or inflated claims. These practices reduce the benefits to other law-abiding public and increase the insurance price for everyone. Therefore, most renowned companies hire our private insurance investigator when settling claim applications. Our stringent insurance surveillance checks out the statement and verifies its reliability. We help in finding the truth and helping the deserving ones get the appropriate compensation.

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