Child Support and Child Recovery

Child Custody, Child Support, and Child Recovery

Child Custody Investigations – Child Custody cases are one of the most sensitive areas that CSI-Secure Solutions investigate on a daily basis. Most cases involve one parent’s concern of welfare, safety, and possible child endangerment issues. Our nationwide team is usually requested to prove one parent’s negligence while in their custody which is accomplished by observation supplemented with a professionally written document supported by Video and Digital Film evidence. Child Support cases usually involve one party lying about income, hiding monies as well as present and past employment. Our investigative team is usually requested to prove financial capabilities beyond what is being reported to the family courts.

This uncovered activity by our seasoned investigators is what usually satisfies or wins these cases for our clients. There are times when a child may be held from one parent violating court orders so a retrieval plan is put in place after the location is confirmed. If need be CSI-Secure Solutions and its Team of Professional Investigators can also develop a sound and safe Recovery Plan in and outside the USA. Contact us for Child Custody Investigations in any city in the USA.


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