Bug Sweeping Services

Bug sweeping goes beyond looking around for traces of suspicious wirings that may be sitting carelessly in your space. It requires the touch of top-notch equipment and attention from extremely trained professionals. At “Csi-securesolutions”, we do the looking around more professionally and expertly.

There could be a couple of reasons or more why you feel that someone would be out to intentionally pry into your life. Notwithstanding, you might never know where the intruding eyes and ears are. They could be right on your favorite couch, under the kitchen counter, or even in the shower.

You should never underestimate the power of anyone getting into your personal space. This is the field in your security that you cannot handle on your own. You must match the advanced spying devices of your Intruders with equally sophisticated equipment to fish them out.

At “Csi-securesolutions”, our bug sweeping package covers audio and visual devices. We sweep for audio recorders, hidden cameras, microphones, transmitters, GPS trackers, etc. Hence, it doesn’t matter if you’d like to do a clean-up of your mobile devices, cars, or your building.

We have all of the necessary types of equipment and trained personnel to handle your security. With all hands on deck, we carry out thorough sweeping of your home, school, car, and any area that you want.

Waiting to fall into life-threatening situations and blackmail before you ensure that no one is watching you could be risky. Our services are always available and our privacy policy is important to us. Hence, when our team of experts takes charge of uncovering the hidden eyes, you can be assured that your details would remain personal.

Through our strategic partnerships, we provide the best bug sweeping services. With our team of experts, we guarantee that your safety and rest of mind remain our top priorities.

Vehicle Sighting Report

“Csi-securesolutions” is concerned with everything that has to do with your security and safety in the most sophisticated manner. Our expertise extends beyond bug sweeping for video, audio, or tracking devices. Through our strategic partnerships, we provide the best vehicle sighting services.

There are many legitimate reasons why you might request the sighting report of a vehicle. Perhaps in cases of theft, investigative or business purposes. Either way, we are always at your service to keep in check the nagging feeling of worry in your chest.

With our highly sophisticated types of equipment, we can give you a report of the history of your vehicle’s whereabouts and its current location. Here, we give you a rundown of exact locations where your vehicle visited, the date, and the time at which they made specific stops. We make available, this information on our vehicle location maps that are transparent enough for you to understand.

One of the perks of letting us handle your vehicle sighting is that we can uncover series of sightings for one vehicle. We also make your search easier as we link a predictive movement pattern for your vehicle. This way, we narrow the sightings of your vehicle or vehicles to the area they are most likely to visit.

Perhaps You have been advised to let go of your expensive car or you just do not know how you’ll be able to get back the vehicle that you value so much. Rather than remain blind to what is happening with your vehicle or what happened to your vehicle, you can get a rundown of how things played out.

The good thing is that you do not have to do anything but relax and let us handle the problem. Irrespective of size, cost, and design, it is possible to know the whereabouts of your vehicle without stress if you’d let us handle the job.

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