Executive Protection

Executive Protection (Bodyguard Services)

The Founder of CSI Secure Solutions started his career in the Security and Investigations Industry over 35 years ago, primarily protecting Commercial Businesses, Government Buildings, Large Project Developments, People and Assets. Regarding the “protection of life,” his experience ranged from transporting prisoners back to their homelands at the request of the US Government and providing Safe Travel for Entertainers, Foreign Heads of State, and Corporate Executives.

Employers today must protect their employees not just at their workplace but also as they travel the world on the Company’s behalf. There is also a need beyond the workplace to extend the “CSI Cloak of Protection” to VIP Travelers in High Threat Regions, Professional Athletes, High Net-worth Individuals and their Family members as well.

CSI Certified Protection Officers (CPO’s) are from diverse backgrounds and are carefully matched to the Client(s) we are assigned to protect. CSI Management Team wants to ensure not only our clients’ security, safety and comfort but also determine the best fit between CPO and Client for each unique situation.

Our Senior Management Team has been providing various Protection Services since 1978 including such Services as Logistics Planning, Risk Analysis, Threat Assessment, Equipment Provisioning and Prepared Intelligence in case the need arises for Advanced Team Deployment (ATD).

CSI Protection Services can be provided Locally, Domestically or Internationally and can include Personal Protection Training of Corporate Executives and Family Members for Crisis planning for any type of situation, such as Kidnapping and Extortion.

CSI can also provide and recommends the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology with emergency tracking and monitoring Services and Specialized Transportation, Travel and Bodyguard services in. Please call us today to speak to one of our experts on the Security, Executive Protection and Bodyguard services in . We provide our elite clientele!

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