Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

According to a 2020 global survey of company fraud, it was discovered that 47% of the companies surveyed had dealt with a case of fraud in the past two years. This resulted in the companies losing roughly US $42B to this crime. Fraud cases, among other crimes within an organization, are a common occurrence that can cripple and destroy such an organization. It is the duty of a corporate investigation to help these companies uncover such crimes that are destroying their businesses.

What Is a Corporate Investigation?

A corporate investigation is the carrying out of a full analysis to uncover any wrong act (an) employee(s) or third party has committed in a corporation or an organization. Having suspicions that your employee or auditor may be stealing from your company and not being able to prove them can be a difficult place for you to be as an employer. Most of these people are smart and know how well to cover their tracks, leaving you with only your suspicions and no traceable evidence. When you notice such activities, don’t hold back: it’s time to engage the services of a corporate investigator. No one is better suited to handle such investigations as the owner of CSI Secure Solutions Chris Cavallo whose career was built in Corporate America working for Fortune 50 companies and building several other successful enterprises for himself and others as well in and outside the USA

What Are the Crimes That Require the Services of a Corporate Investigator?

1. Fraud

Fraud within a corporation happens when a member of an organization uses deceptive means to get money or any other such services from a company. Fraud can occur in a company in different ways. This includes internet fraud, bribery, money laundering, credit card fraud, check fraud, merchant account fraud, among others.

2. Employee or Workplace Misconduct

This happens when staff in an organization perpetrates behaviour that is unethical and has negative consequences on their work, or peers. This behaviour can range from minor to major issues. They include bullying, assault, consistent disregard of authority, harassment and threat to others, use of a hard substance in the office, among others.

3. Abuse of The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

This happens when a staff lies about a family emergency or claim that they have medical issues to get a break from work. Usually, some staff abuse this act to resume working at a second job.

4. Abuse of Non-compete Agreement

Non-compete agreement or clause is a contract that the staff of an organization agrees to not to disclose the organization’s secrets or use them after they might have left the organization. Abuse of this agreement involves a staff sharing such business secrets with external parties or using them to open a similar business.

5. Abuse of Working Hours

This includes cyberslang (using the company’s internet access for personal use), sleeping, intentionally delaying a job for long hours, abuse of the work-at-home scheme, etc.

6. Misuse of Company’s Assets

This involves taking the company’s funds for personal use, using the company’s vehicle for leisure or to make money on the side, using the company’s tools for personal business, accepting bribes or gratification from clients to provide them with special requests, etc.

How We Can Help You

At CSI Secure Solutions, we can help your business get rid of these corporate crimes by:

  • – Evaluating the problems in a discreet manner
  • – Identifying the problems before they cause serious damage to your business and its reputation
  • – Uncovering clandestine activities
  • – Conducting interviews with witnesses
  • – Obtaining hard and soft evidence of criminal activities within the organization would be essential to proving your case in court


Crimes committed to an organization can destroy it faster than imagined. Let CSI Secure Solutions help you stop your company from experiencing harm in its finances, operations, and reputation.

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