Pre-Trial Investigations

Pre-Trial Investigations

The duty of a private investigator in a pre-trial investigation is of utmost importance. The evidence that a private investigator could gather from an incident, both evidence in plain sight and hidden evidence could go a long way in helping the client to prove their case in court. The expertise of a private investigator is valuable in a pre-trial investigation and that’s why both individuals and attorneys engage their services.

How Does A Private Investigator Help Pre-Trial?

1.  Conducting Background Investigations

This is the first but most crucial step in understanding the situation. A private investigator conducts his or her background investigations by getting interviews with witnesses on an individual or organization’s past activity to show a history of legal misconduct, criminal records, financial mismanagement, among others. A background investigation conducted by the private investigator helps the attorney or individual to save time while still getting useful information.

2.  Undertaking Surveillance

Misrepresentation of facts is a common occurrence in pre-trials. People do not have to be sure that they might get convicted for a crime before they misrepresent facts in other to put themselves in a good light. Thus, it becomes the duty of a private investigator to help their client deal with the misrepresentation of facts. A private investigator will undertake surveillance whether in person (openly or by blending in well enough to avoid detection) or through electronic means (obtaining CCTV footage, searching the internet facts, etc). Conducting surveillance will help the private investigator uncover evidence of negligence, malpractice, abuse, sexual assault, among others. This can also help the private investigator to help extricate suspects that may have been otherwise tied to the case.

3. Discovering Basic Evidence

Some evidence requires the collection of a court’s subpoena before a private investigator can go through official documents but there is evidence that don’t. These types of evidence are often referred to as evidence hidden in plain sight as they are easily ignored. It is thus the duty of the private investigator to carefully examine even the most insignificant of evidence because they could be what tie loose ends. In some cases, a mischievous person may take extra care to hide or destroy sensitive information that may implicate them. A private investigator could take destroyed samples and use computer forensics to unearth such evidence.

4. Linking The Pieces of The Puzzle

People and facts may seem unconnected to each other or a particular case even to an experienced eye. Private investigator, like the ones at CSI Secure Solutions have mastered their investigation skills to perfection that they can identify seemingly unconnected events or individuals to show evidence of participation. Sometimes, linking the piece of the puzzle is what solves the mystery of the entire puzzle. While this may be difficult for some other private investigators, CSI private investigators count it their sole duties to comb through and study carefully even the most unconnected events.

5.  Preparation of Witnesses

Witnesses are one of the most major contributions to unlocking solid evidence in a case. While witnesses’ testimonies are of utmost importance, getting these testimonials could also present some problems. While some witnesses are cooperative and ready to help, others may be reluctant while some may be full-blown hostile and refuse to cooperate. It is the duty of the private investigator to carefully extract witness statements that will help in providing concrete proof in the court of law.

6.  Presentation of Findings
This is the point at which the private investigator brings together all their gathered evidence to prepare them for a court trial. Where there is insubstantial evidence, the probate investigator will inform the client who may then decide not to go to court.

How We Can Help You

At CSI Secure Solutions we are highly trained in sourcing for evidence through these:

  • Internet search
  • Surveillance
  • Public documents searches
  • Photography
  • Background investigations
  • Witness testimonial
  • Asset search
  • Criminal investigations
  • Theft investigations
  • Among others

No matter where you are in the US, and you need help with an important case needing certain facts and discovery to win your case then call us today so we can help make the difference!


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