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With a vast improvement in technology people started leading a different life and by using the latest gadgets it is tough to remember even the number of loved ones. With computers, laptops, mobile phones most of us never worry to remember any personal details. Saving the important documents in laptops, using bank accounts through a cell phone is very common in the present scenario. Due to this people save time and even enjoy various advantages of this advanced technology. In the same way there is risk behind this technical gadget, and it is nothing for them to get hacked when someone tries to steal your information.

  • The need of digital forensic investigations is seen in many cases as the usage of the new technology which is increasing day by day. Cyber-crimes may happen at any point and time.
  • The hackers with simple information or in the form of an email or an advertisement enter these systems very easily. In order to identify the issue or overcome any serious situation there is a need of an investigator who is licensed and handles sensitive issues with great care.
  • We enjoy serving people with digital issues and our partners completely focus on recovering the data from phones, computer and I-pads even identify if any malware is on your system. We assure you we can identify the trouble which is the reason behind all the mis-happenings and investigate thoroughly as we have a trained team of digital forensic investigators ready to serve you.
  • Never consider the digital issues unimportant as these create a great trouble in the life of the persona as the hacker can utilize the credit cards along with the social sites which make people get remarks on the identity. Our cell phone investigators take good care regarding all needs and even start as an aid in recovering the lost photos, messages and many more.


  • Deleted Messages Restored
  • Cell phones investigated
  • Computers and tablets investigated
  • Digital devices can stay in the home. We can copy data over the internet!

Cheating spouse or mate?

Is someone watching you or monitoring your computer or phone? Are you experiencing cyber-harassment or online slander? Are employees stealing information or clients? Has your business experience a data breach or HIPAA infraction? Has your company’s intellectual property been stolen or misused?

Deleted data? Damaged devices?

Our skilled forensic examiners can even recover intentionally deleted texts, instant messages, emails or other file types and extract and restore data from damaged or non-functional devices.

Remote Acquisition

Do you only have limited access to a phone or computer? When timing or access are issues, we can extract data remotely at any time of day or night or even weekends all we need is 1 hour. Our team will schedule an acquisition appointment in advance and gather data remotely via the internet, to be processed in our lab.

Courier pickup of devices Included

There’s no need to worry about getting your phones, computers or other devices to our lab. We will arrange a free courier pick up directly from your home or office. Once the lab has processed your data, the devices will be safely returned as part of the service.

Verifiable Evidence

Digital Forensic Investigations – Digital Forensics is powerful a tool for today’s investigators. It’s as important as DNA testing is for a prosecutor trying to win a murder conviction. The scientific precision and accuracy of digital forensics can help prove or disprove a crime or alleged activity as surely as a DNA match. Like DNA, the data found on various electronic devices contain code that, once unlocked, can answer questions with a remarkable degree of certainty.

Hidden Clues
Cell Phones & Computer Hacking Investigator – Digital artifacts like text messages or browsing history can provide a surprising level of detail about a subject’s motivations, attitudes and activities and help shine a light on covert or inappropriate behavior. Text messages, emails, instant messaging, photos or video are often associated with hidden metadata, which are the dates, times and other logged information relating to digital activity. By analyzing the metadata on cell phones, laptops or other devices, our forensic engineers can create a detailed timeline of activities and conversations.

Legally Admissible Forensic Reports
When a digital forensic Investigations or examination is completed, the client receives a legally admissible Forensic Examination Report, which documents the investigative process and presents all the evidence obtained during the examination. The final report includes forensic “Hash Values,” which are federally recognized alphanumeric codes that confirm that digital evidence is authentic and has been properly acquired.

Complete Spectrum of Investigative Techniques

We specialize in obtaining and analyzing digital evidence to help our customers uncover the truth. By combining traditional investigative methods with digital forensics, we can offer a complete spectrum of leading-edge tools and strategies to achieve your case objectives.

Devices we can investigate
Cell Phone Investigator – Cell phones, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Servers USB drives Backup drives and some cloud accounts provided you have the login information

Evidence we can extract:

Text Messages Chat Messages Email Call Logs Browsing History GPS Coordinates Financial Information Purchase Receipts Facebook chats Audio files Spyware Malware Evidence of transfers Evidence of deletion Dating site visits Craigslist visits Escort Service visits Tinder activity What we can do: Search for important phone numbers Search for important names Search for important dates Search for specific locations Search large sets of photos or images Recover deleted messages Recover deleted photos Construct a timeline of subject activity

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