What Is a Wellness and Safety Check?

A wellness and safety check may be defined as the process in which a person performs a legal duty by checking up on an individual at the request of a family member, a close friend, or concerned neighbour who may be worried about the individual’s wellness and safety mentally or physically. Companies also conduct wellness and safety checks on their employees to find out if they have any mental health problems and overall lifestyle.

Wellness and Safety Check of Employees

A wellness and safety check are one of the many services that a private investigator offers. In today’s millennium, companies or corporations hire private investigators to help them verify the wellness and safety of their employees. Private investigators can also help a company to evaluate the lifestyle of an employee to see how that contributes to their wellness and safety.

Why A Private Investigator?

A private investigator is in the perfect situation to carry out a wellness and safety check. This wellness and safety check may be discreet or open, but this is determined by your instruction. Furthermore, a private investigator may be required to make their wellness and safety checks on individuals in another state or country. Again, this is determined by your instruction.

Private investigators also carry out investigations for individuals with insurance, companies with insurance, private employers, among others. They also employ their skills in matters such as fraud, insurance investigation, pre, and post-litigation support, insurance defence, worker’s compensation, etc.

What a Private Investigator Can Do for A Wellness and Safety Check

A private investigator may work both undercover and openly when performing a wellness check. Many different factors must be considered when carrying out a wellness check. A private investigator will be needing the following personal information:

  • The subject’s identity
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Employment status
  • Current medical provider
  • Benefit check status
  • Any other additional income
  • Medications the subject may be taking

In an in-person wellness and safety check, the factors to be considered are:

  • The overall lifestyle of the client
  • Health status of the client
  • What current medications that the client is using
  • Medical treatment specifics
  • Whether they are currently employed or unemployed

A private investigator further helps you by providing you with a verification service for the identity of the individuals who are to be checked. The private investigator will confirm the identity of the subject and may also request a passport for visual aid.

Wellness and Safety Checks for Widows and Worker’s Compensation

it is the duty of a private investigator to evaluate the current marital status of one who receives worker’s compensation. A private investigator can be used to verify a client’s health and medical case. Also, a private investigator could check up on the widow if their spouse died in active service. This way, they receive the benefits they’re entitled to.

It is the duty of a private investigator to help you get details about a subject’s health. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a personal check or official reasons, a private investigator will help to uncover any health problems.

How We Can Help You

At CSI Secure Solutions we offer the services of a private investigator for wellness and safety check. Our portfolio includes testimonials from many satisfied customers about how we have successfully executed wellness and safety check in the past. We will help you investigate that wellness and safety check whether (the) individual is in your home country or another state. Whether for personal or official reasons (an individual or that of an employee), we will help you uncover any lifestyle flaw. We also work together with doctors to help us interpret a person’s medical report that will show health problems they have.

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