Pre-Marital Investigation

Pre-Marital Investigation

Pre-marital Investigations have been a requested services for CSI Secure Solutions since Day One. What is at risk is nothing more than the rest of your entire life, which in itself sounds daunting, does it not? Regardless of whom you believe you are marrying, should you not have absolute confidence in your decision? Getting married is a life long decision with life long implications. If you were buying a business would you not be doing proper Due Diligence Investigations?

Here are some areas in a prospective spouse’s background that are previous clients have requested us to verify:

  • Financial Background verification or any Hidden Assets that he or she may want to leave “off the table”
  • Any children that you may not be aware of or custody agreement that will greatly affect your relationship in the short and long term
  • Any Criminal Background such as Domestic Violence or Substance Abuse or more
  • Employment History including Education Verification
  • What is he/she doing when not with you during their off hours

We can build a “Personal Profile” about your prospective spouse that will be discreet but give you the utmost level of confidence as well as your family’s that he/she is in fact the right person for you!

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