Hidden Assets Investigations

How CSI-Secure Solutions Handles Hidden Assets Investigations

Investigating for our clients and discovering where hidden assets are is one of the solutions that CSI Secure Solutions provides. We can identify all kinds of bank and Investment accounts either in the different states or even nationwide. We do this in line with the guidelines stipulated in the GLBA. All bank accounts and assets uncovered during our hidden asset’s investigations can be either for divorce, judgment collection, probate, and other court cases. CSI-Secure Solutions can also locate hidden assets for judgment enforcement, and estates, as well as assets for litigation. In most of its hidden asset’s cases, CSI-Secure Solutions has discovered physical assets like real estate, boats, and planes.

We start our investigations by running proprietary database searches. The goal is to find the personal details and any other relevant information that is needed to conduct our hidden asset investigations. Of course, CSI-Secure Solutions has access to the best in class when it comes to databases as well as the deep web which the majority of investigators do not even know how to access. The databases we search have helped us uncover pertinent information that can only be accessed by licensed professionals and law enforcement. Most times when the case has gotten to this point, the clients may not be aware of any assets including businesses, properties, bank accounts, or vehicles created in the subject’s name, apart from what they have decided to disclose. After CSI-Secure Solutions finalizes these searches, we go on to report our discovery and the way forward for our clients.

Hidden Assets Investigation Among Couples on the Verge of Divorce

The bulk of our cases are mostly among couples who are set to get divorced in the next six to nine months. In some cases, when they decide to go for a divorce and one of the subjects (pair) decides to move some assets (particularly money) into different accounts that are not known by their partner. In some cases, the individual may be moving money if they own a business and they are aware that their business will be a part of the divorce settlement. In other situations, the situation of hidden assets that can come up among couples (during the divorce or after divorce) is the issue of alimony and child support. CSI-Secure Solutions investigates these situations on a very consistent basis. In the end through our in-depth investigations, we can find the appropriate solutions for our clients when it comes to divorce settlements, alimony, and child support.

Hidden Assets Investigation for Fraud Among Company Employees

Most of our clients also make requests for our services in other areas apart from divorce or matters relating to couples. For example, a company can suspect or find out that they have an executive-level employee (maybe a chief financial officer) who has been setting up phony firms affiliated with themselves in some way. Firms that they can invoice without much suspicion. Usually, this can happen with a disgruntled employee, one in financial trouble, or simply greed can be the determining factor. Maybe an employee who has worked with the company for a good number of years. And the number of years may have given them the ability to control some of the company’s assets or even their bank accounts. Sometimes the subject can set up corporations in the name of their relative’s name outside their state. This is usually done in the name of a parent or sibling. Other times the subjects can set up offshore corporations and start to funnel funds there which makes it more difficult to uncover. In such situations, our private investigators will track the travel details of the subject to see which country’s they may have itinerary in. They can run such schemes in popular places like Switzerland, Panama, and the Cayman Islands to name a few.

It may be illegal to gain access to the accounts involved sometimes. But this doesn’t stop our investigators from trying to uncover it. During investigations relating to hidden assets among company employees, we can search for property, businesses, vehicles, and any leads for undisclosed bank accounts. We can run the subject’s name via several reliable databases that can only be accessed by licensed individuals like (law enforcement and our private investigators at CSI-Secure Solutions) on the address history of the subject. We can also search for the location of the subject’s trusted family members. If there are additional leads obtained, we can broaden our search state-by-state to see which of them has any ties with the subject and or their associates.

If you want to carry out hidden asset investigations, you can contact CSI-Secure Solutions. We offer hiding assets investigations services all throughout the USA and many countries around the globe.

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