The founder of CSI Secure Solutions has worked in every region in the United States as a security consultant or an Investigator. These Investigative cases have ranged from Corporate Investigations, Attorney services such as litigation support, Criminal/Civil Investigations, Insurance Fraud, Robbery, Theft, Missing Persons, Comprehensive Background, Workers Compensation, Cheating Partners, Child Custody and support cases, Hidden Asset Discovery including hard to find financial information. In 1989 Chris founded a Background Investigation company RSI Investigations with 2600 independent subcontractors made up of couriers, field agents, courthouse researchers and investigators the largest network of its kind during this time. This experience led Chris to start once again his own consulting company Cavallo & Associates with a subsidiary CSI Secure Solutions specializing in a full complement of investigative services providing research using methodology called OSINT and complex surveillance services on a nationwide basis. Chris assembled a diverse team of seasoned and professional investigators some who Chris had relationships with for over 40-year period with various backgrounds from Federal Law Enforcement, to local LEO’s and those with Corporate Backgrounds as well. So, whether the assignment is in Johns Creek or any other city, municipality, or county in GEORGIA there are very few requests that CSI Secure Solutions receives that they have not had previous experience in delivering a quality result and in a legal and trustworthy matter, by using local licensed agencies and professional investigators that know the territory !So, if you’re in need of a seasoned Private Investigator regardless of the location then Chris Cavallo or one of his team members at CSI Secure Solutions is whom you need to speak to TODAY!
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