Undercover operations require very talented, experienced professional investigators. These undercover operatives in most cases are playing a role in order to infiltrate a business as a blue-collar worker or even management personnel in a corporate setting. These operations are usually conducted during or after regular business hours.

The majority of the times these operations take place at the company facility in order to monitor and report elicit activities that are being conducted amongst employees. Our founder, when first joining the security industry, served as an undercover operative for his first 18 months in various roles. Some of these operations were to identify internal theft, stalking, drugs in the workplace and selling of company secrets.

Every undercover operation is customized based on the needs of the investigation. Every undercover operative inserted into these businesses are handpicked by our senior management and approved upon by the client. Our operations are also supported with the best technical surveillance equipment in order to bring proof in case of litigation.

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