Background Investigations

Background Investigations

CSI Secure Solutions comprehensive background reports are one of the most requested in the industry which include numerous areas of a subject’s background. Some of these areas are criminal, civil, bankruptcies, liens, judgements hidden assets, real estate, drivers’ licenses, relatives, associates, addresses, asset information and many times employment information to name a few. CSI-Secure Solutions founder Chris Cavallo owned another background investigation company RSI Investigations and developed the largest network (2500+), of investigators, field agents, researchers and court couriers in the industry during the 90’s.
CSI Secure Solutions also encourages it customers/clients at the same time of doing an in-depth background to do an in depth and comprehensive social media background on an individual and or business. These reports many times can even dig deeper and find information that may not be in the background investigations report which includes social media profiles that are sometimes not found by doing general internet-based searches and include blog posts, comments, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, court records, family members, usernames, web sightings, pictures, screenshots, timestamps, and aliases used by the subject.

Most of our raw data that we extract from the internet deep/dark web (family/relatives, phone numbers, addresses, locations) comes from a variety of sources using OSINT technology which may include web directories, census data, public mailing, court records, and phone directories.

CSI Secure Solutions researches numerous websites, ranging from social media sites to blogs to picture sharing websites. Some of the more popular sites we may research are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, and numerous other sites using different email addresses of the subject’s background that we uncover when doing our comprehensive background. We identify the URL of each of these sites so you may in turn visit these sites when presented with your personalized Social Media report. CSI will also provide and generate a timestamp, screenshot of each site identified and capture the sites IP, and extract the basic meta data found that CSI Secure Solutions identifies during its social media Investigation. When requesting a comprehensive background make sure you request to have a social media in depth background done as well and you will receive reduced pricing when purchased at the same time as the background investigation report.

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