Trial and Litigation Attorneys

Litigation Attorneys are also called trial lawyers and their duty is to represent claimants or defendants in civil lawsuits. These attorneys oversee the settlement and investigation process, pre-trial, settlement, and trial. The tasks of a litigation attorney may be overwhelming sometimes, and this may result in them missing out on some details during the investigation. Litigation Attorneys who understand the importance of working with a private investigator usually contact CSI Secure Solutions to help them with the investigation for the case they’re handling.

How We Help Trial and Litigation Attorneys in Preparing for Trial

1. Undertaking Surveillance
During trials, it is not uncommon to have misrepresentation of facts. This is because the claimant or defendant may become afraid of getting convicted for a crime and so would do what they can to misrepresent facts in others to put themselves in a good situation. At CSI Secure Solutions, we assist the trial and litigation attorney to gather facts to counter any misrepresentation. We undertake surveillance whether covertly (openly or by blending well to avoid detection) or through electronic means (obtaining video footage, surfing internet profiles, etc). We do this to help us unearth evidence. Furthermore, we may discover that some people who may have been implicated in the case may not have anything to do with it.

2.  Discovering Basic Evidence
When conducting investigations themselves, it is easy for the trial and litigation attorney to miss evidence hiding in plain sight. At CSI Secure Solutions, we are extremely careful in examining even what appears as the most insignificant of evidence because they could be is exactly needed to tie loose ends. In some cases, a claimant or defendant may take extra care to hide, cover tracks, manipulate, or even destroy sensitive information that may implicate or expose them. Because we have keen eyes for detail, we spend our resources fishing out samples of this destroyed evidence and use computer forensics to interpret them. We also uncover deliberately hidden tracks that may provide evidence for the case.

3. Conducting Background Investigations
We conduct background investigations by getting interviews with witnesses on an individual or organization’s past activity to show a history of legal misconduct, financial mismanagement, criminal records, and any other such implications. This background investigation is of utmost importance to the attorney or individual as it will help in getting useful information.

4.  Linking The Pieces of The Puzzle

There are some facts or people that may appear randomly in a case that may seem unconnected to each other even to an experienced eye. At CSI Secure Solutions, we have perfected our investigation skills so that we can identify seemingly unconnected events or individuals to show evidence of their participation in a case. Sometimes, linking the piece of the puzzle is what solves the mystery of the entire puzzle. While this may be difficult for some other private investigators, we at CSI Secure Solutions count it our sole responsibility to comb through and carefully examine even the most unconnected events.

5.  Preparation of Witnesses

The essence of witnesses to a case cannot be overestimated. However, we acknowledge that sometimes getting these witnesses’ testimonials could also be met with a stumbling block. Although some witnesses can be cooperative and willing to assist, others may be fearful while some may be outrightly refuse the audience let alone cooperate. At CSI Secure Solutions, we employ certain interview tactics that will help us extract witness statements.

6.  Presentation of Findings

When all evidence has been sourced for and categorized, we present them to the attorney who prepares them for a court trial. Where their evidence is insubstantial, we will inform the client or the attorney who may then decide not to pursue the case any further.

If you’re a paralegal or an attorney that needs litigation support whether for a civil or criminal case speak to Chris Cavallo directly and let his team of researchers and field investigators, make the difference in winning your case.

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