Cell Phone Identification

Cell Phone Identification, Location

When our clients give us a Phone Number to research we will provide the Account Holder Name and Address of the user. Many of our clients in the area of infidelity investigations come to us with just a question or concern about repeated unfamiliar numbers either on their phone bill or their spouses cell phone investigations. Often times when asked about unexplained numbers the spouses suspicions are met with defensive responses or no explanation at all. This is how and where many of our cases begin. Also in Corporate settings the abuses of using the companies phone for personal calls leads to who may be using this privilege and whom they are calling such as a “COMPETITOR”! Reviewing phone bills whether personally or professionally can be very “telling” and be reason to start an “Investigation”!
Generally with a phone number CSI-Secure Solutions can identify the carrier, name and address information of the owner for that number. Once we have that information then we can do a much more in depth BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION . This information is usually produced in the first 48 hours of the request for Services !

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