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Address Verification: YesNo Hidden Assets: YesNo
Background Check: [radio order-check-290 id:order-check-290 "Yes " "No"] Missing Persons: [radio order-check-229 id:order-check-229 "Yes " "No"]
Cell Phone or Landline Verifier: [radio order-check-224 id:order-check-225 "Yes " "No"] Phone Number to be Searched: [text order-485 id:order-485 class:form-control]
Criminal History: [radio order-check-2896 id:order-check-2896 "Yes " "No"] Social Media Search: [radio order-check-226 id:order-check-226 "Yes " "No"]
E-Mail Address for Social Media Subject: [radio order-check-225 id:order-check-225 "Yes " "No"] Surveillance: [radio order-check-2251 id:order-check-2251 "Yes " "No"]
Financial Information: [radio order-check-280 id:order-check-280 "Yes " "No"] How Many Hours of Surveillance? [text order-398 id:order-398 class:form-control]
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[date order-718 id:order-718 class:form-control] [text order-719 id:order-719 class:form-control] [text order-720 id:order-720 class:form-control value="50"]
[text order-984 id:order-984 class:form-control] [radio radio-813 id:check-status class:check-btn use_label_element "Yes" "No"] [text order-986 id:order-986 class:form-control class:total value=""]
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The client by signing this form digitally or in writing and paying this Invoice contractually agrees and acknowledges that CSI Secure Solutions, LLC. offers no guarantees on the outcome or result of the Investigation services provided to our clients. CSI Secure Solutions, LLC only guarantees the services to be performed not the results/outcome including the amount of information, previously obtained information, returned no hits, misinformation or lack thereof given by the client. All of the requested services whether field operations such as surveillance or public records research including any and all information, documentation etc. will be performed or searched for diligently, legally and as economically as possible. There are absolutely no refunds or cancellations of requested services once payment is received. By paying this Invoice the customer attests that there is no criminal intent or action to be taken including civil malice, restraining/no contact orders in place against any parties, or subjects of the requested Investigation.

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