Special Event Security Services

Special Event Security Services

CSI Secure Solutions provides security guard, bodyguard and specialty services for various events and venues ranging from small to medium to large-scale events. CSI also assists in the pre-planning of security details as well as supporting existing in-house operations. For many years, CSI has demonstrated a commitment to civic responsibility and community service. We value and uphold our mission to provide unparalleled integrity and excellence.

So, if you are hosting a black-tie event or your guest lists contain high profile guests, CSI Security will provide upscale professional security guards for your events. Our security team will be dressed professionally to suit the image that you are trying to portray. Remember, our goal is to be an effective yet transparent team player for your events while maintaining a professional look of our security team.

Furthermore, we boast that our elite officers are well trained and equipped to handle any type of event or function. Our officers possess the skill to deter trespassing, loitering, and theft, while ensuring that your event remains trouble-free.

What makes us different?

We acknowledge the fact that providing excellent security goes beyond providing the best in class security guards. For this reason, we boast of an excellent management team to design a fail-safe security plan to reduce any security breach. We provide different security protocols to suit your budget and taste. Mind you, you can count on our security team to fulfill all their required duties. They can also handle varieties of tasks from checking bags at checkpoints, ticket taking to reviewing inventories and protecting the client and their guests at all times.

Pre-Planning Services

CSI Security is an invaluable asset during the planning of events. We rely on our years of experience in securing events, creating accurate budgets, and placements of security guards. During security planning of events, we also take our clients considerations into account. Additionally, we learn from our various customers and their particular needs, the venues that we work in, and always remain open to improve or improvise from all of our past customer experiences. Let’s not forget that we provide full risk assessment for various locations. We also take a full assessment of security vulnerabilities in a location. Mind you, all these are planned and implemented based on the client’s preferences. We also provide fire watch when a building has to take their fire alarms offline. Our security officers will patrol your building during such times. You should not worry about the extra cost, as most building’s insurance covers this cost.

CSI Security Guards have a long-standing reputation for incident-free and efficient security services. As mentioned earlier, our plain clothes and uniformed guards are specially trained for different events and residential security as well.

So, contact us for reliable and efficient event security services in Ft Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach for any type of events and requests. Our services are available 24 hours a day, and our operations department are always ready to provide quick response to all your questions.

Our Services Includes:

  • Affordable & reliable event security.
  • Security provided by licensed Security Officer’s.
  • Security Officer’s taking inventories or taking tickets at events.
  • Special events, corporate parties, weddings, concerts & sporting events
  • Uniforms to match any event, from casual to professional
  • Covering a wide geographical area.
  • Bodyguard Services and Executive Protection
  • 24-hour emergency response services.
  • Customized, cost-effective security strategies.
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