Bodyguard or Security Guard – Security is very important in every area of life. In the home, offices and business places. If an area is not secured properly, it could open the place up to assaults, robbers and petty theft. The importance of security cannot be overemphasized, and we believe that you have in one way or the other tried to improve your security system. You may have been looking for a way to get your business or even your personal life secured and not exceed your budget. Look no further CSI Secure Solutions is here to provide the type of service you need.

What do we do?

We offer permanent security guard services in office buildings, residential communities as well as the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities. We also offer special event security services to medium and large corporations. Our services are both short term and long term depending on your requirements. However, we prefer providing you with permanent security to make sure every area is covered. Specifically, we have the ability to do the following:

Ensure the safety of physical assets

We make sure that every asset you have in your facility, office or place of business is totally secured. Our goal is to ensure that at the end of the day no property is lost. This service is 24 hours; we can have our security guard Miami FL stationed at your place at night and also during the day. They ensure that the area is safe and free of people roaming about. Once they notice any sign of danger, they take action and call for backup from the police department. All these measures are taken to ensure that your physical assets are secured.

Ensure the safety of personnel

Apart from making sure that you do not lose any assets, at CSI we also make sure that the life of you, your staff and your workers are safe We can do this in many ways. But we make sure that we have no lives are lost on our watch, and also, we have the ability to detect a kidnapping and prevent it.

Apart from the two points broadly listed above we also have managed mail rooms, parking valet and the overall environment. We can be at the concierge desk and also, we can offer you a patrol service. It all depends on what you would like for your location.

Dressing and appearance

Condominium Security Guard Miami or Bodyguard Services – Our condominium security guards Miami FL have very sharp presence. They act professionally, and they are well trained. The way they security guard Fort Lauderdale will dress is your decision. They can be dressed in Polo shirts, or they could come in standard security uniform, or they could be in dark suits with ties, this is always the client’s choice, while maintaining a high level of professionalism and etiquette. We specialise in providing security guard Fort Lauderdale for physical assets. Secure your the home, offices and business places among leading security guard companies in Ft Lauderdale, Miami FL.

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